Textiles and UV Protection (UV Standard 801)

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Textiles and UV Protection (UV Standard 801)

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This test method is used to evaluate the UV protection factor, or UPF, of a textile which protects human skin from damaging UV rays. UV protective textiles are tested in the new condition as well as after an simulated use.

The test is particularly well-suited for:
Textiles for swimming and/or beachwear, particularly for babies, toddlers and chil-dren
Textiles used for sportswear, sporting equipment and leisure clothing
Clothing for people who work in environments where they are exposed to UV radia-tion
Shading textiles (e.g. parasols, awnings and sunshades)
Other materials for sun protection (e.g. protective films)

Determination of UPF according to UV Standard 801 is based on the solar spectrum of the Australian standard. Samples are tested under different use conditions depending on the region in which the textile is to be used.
Garments are tested new and also after they have been subjected to the demands placed on them during use (stretching, wetting, abrading and washing).
In addition to being tested new, sun protection textiles are subjected to the demands placed on them during use (stretching, wetting, weathering).
The determined UPF is used as a multiplier for the duration of time an individual's skin can protect itself from UV exposure, and indicates how long the textile allows the user to stay in the sun without incurring skin damage. According to UV Standard 801, the following levels of UV protection (UPF) can be achieved: 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80.

Advantages for you as the customer:
Consumer safety by UPF determination under use condition
Proves product is effective
Product optimization during developmentLabels and certificates:
A UV Standard 801 certificate is required for promotion and product labeling. It is valid for 1 year.

Requirements for test samples:
General information:
The customer specifies whether tests are to be carried for certification or not.
Amount of material:
At least 50 cm x 50 cm
Duration of testing:
15 working days